Professional PA and lighting system hire in France.

Are you on the lookout to hire a professional PA system and lighting in France?

PA hIre in France

Are you a band coming to France to perform but have no sound system, or parhaps your hosting a party, event or seminar and need to hire professional equipment?

We rent out our PA systems when we are not using them. We have 2 variations of full range active speakers with our portable rack system. Here are the descriptions of some of the equipment we have on offer:

Allen & Heath QU16 16 Channel Digital Mixer with onboard effects.

QSC K-Series with 18" Subs and tops Totalling 6000 Watts, active fullrange speakers.

DBX DriveRack PA2 Digital speaker management system (amazing piece of kit).

RANE C4 Quad Compressor / Limiter / Dynamic Equalizer.

Shure SM58 Microphones cables and stands.

3X AMD Mega Tri-Bar - Lighting.

Volkslaser EvoCube 1000 RGB - Professional laser.

Moving heads and more...

We also have a fog machine and 4 smaller LED cans for ambiance lighting included. Contact us for details.