Professional PA and lighting system hire in France.

Are you on the lookout to hire a professional PA system and lighting in France?

PA hIre in France

Are you a band coming to France to perform but have no sound system, or parhaps your hosting a party, event or seminar and need to hire professional equipment?

We rent out our PA systems when we are not using them. We have 2 variations of full range active speakers with our portable rack system. Here are the descriptions of some of the equipment we have on offer:

Soundcraft EFX12 12 Channel Mixer with onboard Lexicon effects.

Yamaha MG20XU 20 Channel Mixer with onboard effects.

JBL PRX 735 Totalling 3000 Watts, active fullrange speakers.

Powerworks HK Audio Sound House 1 Full range active satellite and subwoofer totalling 600W.

DBX DriveRack PA2 Digital speaker management system (amazing piece of kit).

RANE C4 Quad Compressor / Limiter / Dynamic Equalizer.

Shure SM58 Microphones cables and stands.

3X AMD Mega Tri-Bar - Lighting.

Volkslaser EvoCube 1000 RGB - Professional laser.

We also have a fog machine and 4 smaller LED cans for ambiance lighting included. Contact us for details.