Plug in your headphones and crank up the volume - Listen below.

We have about 6 hours of music, totalling around 110 songs, on our repertoire, and below you'll find just a handful of the tracks we have picked out to demonstrate some of the genres we play (more new songs coming soon). Having trouble listening to the music, or would like to download any of the tracks for off-line listening? Then click here to visit our Bandcamp page, or download our teaser track straight into your browser.

Duo to trio - From cocktail / champagne reception / vin d'honneur, through to dinner, dance and disco.

To sum it up... You can hire us as a duo or trio for your party or event, wedding, aperitif / champagne reception / cocktail through to dinner and dance. The duo is as the trio, but without a real drummer. These different options are priced individually, but we can tweak or mix 'n' match to find a solution that suits you and your budget. Contact us for details, availability and prices.

We are based in the south of France and can travel to any part of the country to perform at your event. We're accustomed to travelling to any part of Europe and worldwide. We frequently travel to Spain, Italy and Switzerland for weddings and corporate events.

Previous references include:

Rip-it Encore reference