Introducing Tilda - contact us - The perfect wedding car.

Since a while back now Tilda has ceased to be our means of transportation. She has been replaced by a more modern, faster, much larger and much more comfortable reliable vehicle. A Long Version Mercedes Viano. Missed but not forgotten...

For some time we had been thinking about a practical and efficient way to get from place to place with our instruments, and after a couple of years worth of loading everything into one of our cars, and feeling a bit squished on the journey, the light suddenly came on, and an idea was born. So, after a little research, some phone calls and emptying the piggy-bank, Kent and Jake popped over to London and came home with Tilda the London Black Cab. Tilda has become a reliable member of the band and asks for nothing in return for her hard slog... Apart from Diesel, the odd oil change and a polish from time to time.

Thanks to Fresh Photography for the use of the Black Cab wedding car photo.

Hail an authentic London Black Cab to escort you to your wedding in France Oh look, it's Jake and Kent again - Great car for the ultimate road show appearance Hire this great London Black Cab for your next publitity event or show What a great way to get customers new and old to your business - Tilda the taxi can help you with your business promotion If you need a great prop for your fashion shoot, get in touch. This authentic London Black Cab offers a great atmosphere to any photo

We also used to use Tilda as a wedding car and as this might to some, sound like quite a trivial offering in the UK, here in France this rare and beautiful vehicle turns heads wherever she rolls. She's also really quite practical... You've probably noticed that most bridal gowns can drape for miles behind the bride, well Tilda was built for just that. The space she offers is perfect for this task. Ride like a queen and turn up to the reception in style. You can hire Tilda the beautiful authentic London Black Cab separately or together with the band. We have some great package deals if you hire both. And just in case you're needing to transport a disabled person, she even comes fully equipped with wheelchair ramps. Yep, we loved her...

Duo to trio - From cocktail / champagne reception / vin d'honneur, through to dinner, dance and disco.

To sum it up... You can hire us as a duo or trio for your party or event, wedding, aperitif / champagne reception / cocktail through to dinner and dance. The duo is as the trio, but without a real drummer. These different options are priced individually, but we can tweak or mix 'n' match to find a solution that suits you and your budget. Contact us for details, availability and prices.

We are based in the south of France and can travel to any part of the country to perform at your event. We're accustomed to travelling to any part of Europe and worldwide. We frequently travel to Spain, Italy and Switzerland for weddings and corporate events.


Here is a medley of just a few of the songs we perform 100% live