The Irish Gigglers - When we (Rip-it Encore) are unavailable, you can rely on the talents of the Folk/Traditional Irish band "The Irish Gigglers" to entertain your guests.

The band started playing in 2002, testing out different names and musicians before finding the perfect setup: the Irish Gigglers were born! Their sound is driven by six passionate musicians that have joined forces to share their love of the ever so "distinctive & magical" music played in the pubs of the Emerald Isle.

Most of them being multi-instrumentalists, no less than nine instruments can be heard! Flutes, Bodhran, Guitar, Mandolin, Melodeon, Fiddle, Banjo, Bagpipe, Bass, Percussions… all of which will surely bring you closer to Ireland's shores as the music unfolds!

Irish Gigglers

They have fine-tuned their music through passion and hard-work to comfortably sit in that specific boundary between respecting the traditional and giving it a modern kick! That balance has become their identity, with influences such as the Churchfitters, De Danann, the Dubliners, the Pogues, Altan, Lunasa, The Corrs or U2 to name a few.

Listen to their demo and decide for yourself.

The Reels, jigs, Rebels songs, hornpipes (dancing), ballads, Celtic folk, all of these will transport you at each concert from a world of moorlands, peat, nostalgia, into the heat of battles, storms, and ultimately freedom! Smiles, giggles and good beer are of course part of the journey! Enjoy a true Irish night!

The band is based in the Herault department (south of France), and performs at all sorts of events (cafes, bars, weddings and festivals).

 Contact us to receive The Irish Gigglers full and up to date repertiore.

Services offered:

These artists offer to accompany you musically during the different moments of your day:
• Music for the cocktail
• Music for dancing

Services included in the package :
Musical Instruments / Sound / Lights.
Opportunity to use the PA for later hours.

Solo - From Ceremony, aperitif through to 5-piece band dinner and dance.

To sum it up... You can hire The Irish Gigglers as the band for your party, wedding ceremony, aperitif / Champagne reception / cocktail through to dinner and dance. These different options are priced individually, but we can tweak and mix 'n' match to find a solution that suits you and your budget. Contact us for details, availability and prices.

Based in Southern France, and can travel to any part of the country and beyond to perform at your event or wedding.