If you're looking for a highly professional English speaking wedding / corporate events DJ in France, then look no further. We're lucky to be able to offer you the one and only Andy Davies.

Andy has been DJ’ing and speaking on the radio, at private functions and weddings for over 15 years. You may know him from his days on Radio 2 with Jonathan Ross where he co-hosted and produced with Jonathan.

French wedding DJ Andy Davies

Over the years, Andy has built up a huge collection of CD’s, approaching 3,000 we think! He is regularly sent new releases, so his CD library is up to date, and this doesn’t include his online library. Andy believes that the musical element of your wedding needs to be made as easy as possible for you, as you have so many other parts of your wedding to concentrate on. With this in mind, he has put together a check list of the important points that he thinks are necessary to create that all important part of your special day – the musical ambience.
Andy likes to create the right feeling for you, and by doing this he needs to know as much as he can about your musical tastes, likes and dislikes, favourites and must haves.

Andy also feels that it is important to have the right lighting around the dance area, as this can help friends and family onto the dance floor by not making them feel inhibited about dancing in bright neon light – I’m kidding, Andy definitely doesn’t have any neon’s! He does however offer you the use of his disco lights and LED parcans. Andy can send you a photo, if you like, of a previous event that he has hosted to give you an idea of how romantic they can look.

Andy always sends out a written contract, as this safe guards you and him from any unforeseen circumstances, and he always asks for a 20% deposit to secure your date. Andy likes to meet you before the wedding to discuss your requirements. If, however, this is too difficult for you there is always good old Skype. Andy tends to work by email and Skype so that everyone has a record of what has been discussed. Andy only ever does one wedding on the same day, as he offers such a bespoke package.

Andy offers a unique service, having worked on live radio, TV and private events for so many years, combined with his knowledge and love of music, adding something very special to your day.
Depending on your requirements, Andy can either energise your guests into getting up to dance, or he can play the more understated role of using a carefully selected song list to entice guests to the dance floor.

If Andy hasn’t played at your reception venue before, he makes sure that he acquaints himself with the venue, either by talking to the venue host, or visiting it, if it is within a reasonable distance. Either way, Andy will make sure that he is up to speed on the room sizes and dimensions as these will have an effect on the acoustics, and the availability of power outlets etc. Please be assured that Andy arrives at least an hour to an hour and a half prior to your start time to be ready for any eventuality.

If you require an ‘MC’ for your wedding reception, then Andy is also very comfortable and experienced at this. His library contains mostly British and American musical acts, but more recently he has added to this with popular French tracks, for those who prefer a more European feel!

What Andy will need from you:
A list of songs that you really want to hear, this does depend on how involved you want to be – you may prefer to leave it up to Andy.
Your ‘First Dance’ song.
Songs that you really don’t want to hear.
Are you comfortable with Andy playing guest’s requests?
Your preferred taste/s in music, as a general rule for the reception. You may find that you want slightly older tracks for your parents and family initially, moving to a younger feel for you and your friends for later on.

What Andy will need from the venue:
At least two power outlets (2 pin) near to the table.
Adequate shelter, if the venue is outside.
A meal and beverages – Andy eats fish, but not meat.

If your venue is over an hour and a half away, then you will need to provide suitable accommodation for Andy for the night.

From Ceremony, aperitif through dinner and dance.

To sum it up... You can hire Andy together with Rip-it Encore for your party, wedding ceremony, aperitif / Champagne reception / cocktail, or you can hire him alone. These different options are priced individually, but we can tweak things to find a solution that suits you and your budget. Contact us for details, availability and prices.

Andy is based in the south west of France, but can travel to any part of the country and beyond to perform at your event or wedding.